What to wear….

Hey there campers

So……how do you decide what to wear?

I find it so difficult to figure out whats appropriate clothing for colkege and when i was employed, work!

I ended up buying new trainers for college as my other shoes were too uncomfortable to walk around in all day
Im not to keen on jeans though have more pairs than id like to admit too. I prefer trackies but of course they have social connotations ie some think their chavvy! I have got too fat to wear my fave linen trousers and my white combats are impractical for an art course (wore them last week they now have a pink stain on the front) so what else can i wear…..what would you wear?



Hey there campers

So….ive been going to colkege for almost 3 weeks now

Im generally doing ok not particulary happy with my output but excited with the new techniques and the technology i am learning about/use.

Especially using macs and cameras though also excited about ceramics, painting and mark making. My technique isnt great but still enjoying myself!

Struggling a bit with being a good deal older than the rest of the class and in some cases the teaching staff too! Finding the teenagers over dramatic, immature and also downright rude! A lot of them think the whole world revolves aroubd them they stand in the middle of walkways, push past in queues and talk over the teachers but when asked a question….silence…..!

Im irritated by most of them, those dont irritate me i feel sorry for, that they are yet to discover that its NOT all about them.

Their naivity and innocence annoys me …..i wonder if older people think that about me…….

Big bang theory

Hey there campers

So….the big bang theory…its my absolute favourite tv show

It speaks to my inner geek i also love all star trek series too

I love sci fi and fantasy it helps me escape ibto a world where im not depressed and always feel great and have a sense of humour

Geek fest ahoy

Me and my books

Hey there campers


I read a lot always have done for as long as i can remember.

My first novel was matilda when i was around 9 yrs old i related to matilda i was clever and always felt misunderstood

At 13 i ran out of books to read at home so raided my mums bookcase and read my first stephen kingĀ  the talisman

At 14 i read my first jackie collins had no idea what any of it meant lol

I read to escape to slip into another world book after.book some like little women and five children and it i read over and over again

A family joke is that i need to called a million times before i hear my name when i read i slip so far into that world

My favourite books at the moment are the green rider series by kristin britain and the eragon series by christopher paolini and the what katy did books by susan coolridge

Mainly love that fantasy genre with dragons and elves or school girl books in a world where a swear word is damn

Books are a massive part of my life i cant cope without a book

Catching up

Hey there campers

So….i have always felt in the moment, what i mean is that when i look back or forward i feel about that event in the emotion im experincing at that moment

So for example i look at my london trip earlier in the year and today im excited, enthusiastic and hyper on the actual day i was scared nervous and worried

So when i recounted the trip to someone i hadnt seen for awhile today i was excited so explained how brilliant it was how brave it was how exciting when on the actual event was almost polar opposite

Motivation? What motivation?

Hey there campers

So…. Today i have stuff to do

Make some cards
Wash up
Tidy bedroom
Take rubbish out
Tidy garden
Mop bathroom and kitchen
Finish a xmas project
Download some photos for my aunt
Tidy lounge

Im sat on the sofa watching trash on the box
Too much to do im overwhelmed