a catch up

hey there campers


in a world where people with disabilities are abused and treated like scroungers

in a world where there just arent enough jobs to go around

in a world where money is tight yet policticians earn more than most

in a world where crime figures are up homelessness is up and food banks are used by those who work

in a world where middle income families have to choose between heating or food

in a world where racisn sexism homophobia mental health stigma still excist

if everyone changed one thing by voting protesting and or by trying to change one other persons view of the world then maybe just maybe this world will be better for the next generation


a poem

hey there campers


a smile
a light in the eyes
a self concious hug
a kiss on the forehead
a shy kiss on the lips
a gentle hug
a gentle smile
a whispered ‘your beautiful’
a whispered ‘ thank you’
another hug
a shared look
a smile
a hug
holding hands at the dinner table
a look in each other eyes
a whispered ‘i love you’
a whispered ‘love you too’

College update

Hey there campers

So….ive been a busy bee college has been taking up a lot of my time

We’ve been doing a workshop based project called urban opportunities

I havent been very enthusiastic about it to be honest im not a fan of grafitti or populist art that people say they like to sound edgy and interesting

So i wasnt expecting to do very well to be honest however i got a merit

Im very pleased with myself

Anyhoo need to do some research for my next project alternative fashion if anyone knows of any obscure punk dashion designers i should look at please comment below

Im very excited about this one….


hey there campers

so…..sorry ive not blogged for awhile been busy with college, my cats and my new boyfriend, paul.

So….the cats

Ill start with cleo, or as i like to call her ‘thud’. I have never heard a cat sound like an elephant till i met cleo. I thought cats were light of foot! A lot of it is because she is very overweight, the vet has even suggested i take her to a free weight loss clinic the surgery run. She is what i affectionatly call a tart whenever she mets someone new like my boyfriend, or my friends. She rolls over on her back with her paws up and then rubs herself all over them then hides! If shes fussed with too much she runs away or scratches. She is pretty awful to marley trying to sit on her, eats her food and chases her around.

Marley on the overhand is a sweet pretty little cat, she hides a lot doesnt come out much till teatime then she curls up on my lap! She is shy if i have company she hides down the side of the bed!
They are both very playful like kittens but they so calm theres fireworks going off all over the estate but they dont seem bothered at all.

It may have only been a few weeks but i cant imagine life without them.

Anyhoo i have a cat to gently remove from my lap so i can get a cuppa …..