So i cross stitch

A lot

It helps distract me from my anxieties it keeps my hands busy and gives me a massive sense of achievement

Like all things that i use for my distraction techniques i can get quite obsessive using the techniques excessively so i dont deal with any of my problems

So im imposing a stitchin ban till half term i do have some stitchin to do for college but no additional projects

Lets see how that goes


Dvd day


Im not one for watching films tbh find them difficult to concentrate on unless im in the cinema

So i dont have a big dvd collection
But today well nothing took my fancy on the telly box so decided to have a dvd day while im stitching a project for college

So far its been films in my top ten
Walking the line
Never let me go
Pans labyrinth

My other top tens are

Breakfast at tiffanys
Green mile
Hocus pocus

Ecletic to say the least

While im at it heres my top ten favourite books

Lorna doone
Little women
The talisman
The memory keepers daughter
Lovely bones
What katy did
Life of pi
Never let me go
Green mile

My top ten favourite songs

You are my sunshine
Mellow yellow
Blowin in the wind
American idiot
Anything by kid rock
Hardly wait by juliette and the licks
Sweey child o mine
November rain
No woman no cry
Lady in red

Anyhoo thought you all would be interested
Its funny how listening to my fave song or watching a loved film or reading a well thumbed book can help my mood stabilise stop me feeling anxious or lift my mood or calm me down its like eating chocolate or having a massive huge hug

Cider gravy

I thought id share a recipe fir cider gravy perfect with sausages (i only eat veggie ones) but i guess it would also be good with pork

Enough for one person….

One vegetable stock cube
Half a teaspoon of tomato puree
Half a wine glass of cider
Herbs (i use an italian seasoning mix)
Hot water
Arrow root powder

Chuck it all it in stir till smooth add more arrow root if its looking thin i like thick gravy so i add loads
I might do a series of recipes for one its hard to figure out adjustments in timings and amounts i think

Sense of responsibilty


So being a mature student has draw backs
A. No one apart from staff know what you are on about if you are discussing something that happened before 2000
B. People mistake you for staff
C. Everyone in class want to borrow the stuff in your pencil case as they havent bought their own kit
D. You end up collecting things from other classrooms as the rest of the class is too shy
E. You finish your work a day  before  the deadline the rest of the class catch up a week later
F. They think its ok to discuss their sex life in the middle of a lecture about the health and safety guidlines of using a sewing machine … You feel embarrassed for them
G. They ask you for sex advice in front of a good looking lsa
H. They cant go anywhere alone you are constantly looking for a secluded spot where its quiet so u can scream in your head and hear it
I. They were shorts when its snowing you are wearing thermal undies and pj bottoms under your jeans
J. They ask you if you know who green day are (you look at them like theyve just fallen off mars)…. You ask them do you know who ub40 are…. They ask if thats what you use to fix a bike….
K. And finally ….. Your old enough to be their parent ….

andddddd CRASH

hi guys and girls

so ive had a really bouncy and energetic few weeks ive been more anxious than normal but ive had this bottomless amount of energy and ive felt really happy for the first time in a very very long time 

my flat had been blitzed my garden tidied homework caught up on and the washing mountain tamed 

and now im knackered 

and things went haywire again 

rubbish building up washing up filling every side in my kitchen and the washing hill growing to planetary proportions 

energy burst today and im nearly on top of things again

but im going to try and take things slowly so i use my energy in a practical and sensible way so i can sustain it for longer 

well thats the plan anyway 

well back to prepping my final project so im in a place tomorrow where i can start to stitch together my paper patchwork


Hi there

So i have a real obsession with makeover shows, you know the ones where someone who feels they look like a monster from the black lagoon but actually arent that bad really get copius amounts if plastic surgery their hair cut and a new wardrobe and look no better.

I dont know why i love those shows but i do and everytime i feel icky and dirty when its finished.  Its funny as i really dont do reality telly as a rule but i watch the makeover shows every saturday with morbid curiosity

Ive had plastic surgery!

I was 7 or 8 and i had a large mole on my left cheek it was unsightly and well any large moles are at risk of being well risky i had it removed by a plastic surgeon who left me a tiny scar where my dimple would have been no one notices it unless i tell them or they are really staring at my cheeks

I had another mole removed from the palm of my hand too

Would i have more moles removed for cosmetic reasons? ….hell yeah

Would i have lipo, a nose job or boob job? Yes i think i would
If i coukd afford it or it was offered for free!

This jars with the fact i hate being told in ads on telly or in mags that girls shoukd be pretty and should wear makeup and dresses i woukdnt say i was a feminist but i woukdnt say im not

I do want to be pretty but i dont want to feel i have to be pretty

Im a clever intelligent person who happens to be female who happens to want to be pretty

100 truths

100 truths about me!

1. Last beverage – coffee
2. Last phone call – my mum
3. Last text message – the vixter from college 
4. Last song you listened – homeward bound – simon and garfunkel
5. Last time you cried – sunday when i watched step mom

6. Dated someone twice – Yes.
7. Been cheated on – Yes
8. Kissed someone & regretted it – No.
9. Lost someone special – Yes
10. Been depressed – Yes
11. Been drunk and threw up – yes

12. black
13. fuchsia
14. lavender


15. Made new friends = Yes
16. Fallen out of love – yes
17. Laughed until you cried – no
18. Met someone who changed you – No
19. Found out who your true friends were – Yes
20. Found out someone was talking about you – no

21. How many kids do you want to have -dunno if i want any yet lets see what the future holds

22. Do you have any pets – yes 2 cats marley and cleo
23. Do you want to change your name – yes always wanted to change it to kate black
24. What did you do for your last birthday – saw family and friends
25. What time did you wake up today – half 7
26. What were you doing at midnight last night – sleeping
27. Name something you CANNOT wait for – finishing my education so i can teach and counsel kids with problems

28. Last time you saw your Mother – easter sunday
29. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? – i wish i wasnt so anxious about very little things 
30. What are you listening to right now – create and craft
31. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom – Yes
32. What’s getting on your nerves right now – sleepy dust
33. Most visited webpage – halifax banking 
34. Whats your real name – kathrine patricia kennedy
35. Nicknames – Kat Kate Katie flip
36. Relationship Status – Single
37. Zodiac sign -capricorn

38. Male or female -female
39. Primary school – purbrook infants and junior
40. High School – Purbrook Park
41. College – Southdowns, Highbury portsmouth lol
42. Hair colour – black
43. Long or short – Short
44: Height – 5 ft 3
45. Do you have a crush on someone? – Yes
46: What do you like about yourself? – my creativity 
47. Piercings – Yes
48. Tattoos – Yes
49. Righty or lefty – Right handed

50. First surgery – moles removed
51. First piercing – ears
52. First best friend – suzanne woolridge
53. First vacation – probably new forest
54. First crush – a boy from sea cadets he was also my first boyfriend, i was 14 


55. Eating – Nothing
56. Drinking – coffee
57. I’m about to – get ready to go out shopping for groceries 
58. Listening to -telly
59. Waiting on – nothing to be honest 


60. Want kids? – maybe
61. Get married? – maybe
62. Careers in mind? – art therapist and or art teacher

63. Lips or eyes – Eyes
64. Hugs or kisses – both
65. Shorter or taller- def taller
66. Romantic or spontaneous – mmmm difficult i like plans but i can be quite impulsive
67. Nice stomach or nice arms -mmm not sure
68. Sensitive or loud – both
69. Hook-up or relationship – relationship
70. Trouble maker or hesitant – trouble maker

71. Kissed a stranger – Yes
72. Drank hard liquor – yes
73. Lost glasses/contacts -yes can never find my specs 
74. Sex on first date – id rather not  
75. Broken someone’s heart – yep
76. Had your own heart broken – yep
77. Been arrested- nope
78. Turned someone down – Yes
79. Cried when someone died – Yes
80. Liked a friend that is a boy? -yes it didnt work out…
81. Yourself – no
82. Miracles – nobut only because i think people create their own destiny and they do things within what their mind and body are capable of 
83. Love at first sight – nope
84. Heaven – No
85 Santa Clause – No, 
86. Kiss on the first date -oh yes how do you know if theres a spark of attraction without kissing 
87. Angels – not in the physical sense of a girl with bird wings but in the was that everytime you think of a person whose no longer with you their strength strengthens you 

88. Is there one person you want to be with right now? – yes my best mate but she is miles away lol
89. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? – unfortunely yes not my proudest moment
90. Did you sing today? – i sing to the cats as i feed them 
91. If you could go back in time, how far would you go? – oh a thats hard probably 15 years to say bye to people who needed to know i love them
92. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be? – the day i went to london t0 recieve my education award
93. Are you afraid of falling in love? – yes i am what if they dont feel the same….

94. what are you scared of? the dark flying insects people in masks big crowds the water and sometimes just being outside 

95. what is your favourite food? pasta and yoghurts 

96. whats your favourite way to spend time? ahhhh easy i love being with my nephews

97. whats your pet hate? washing up

98. is there anything you regret? yes i wish i had allowed myself to relax when i was younger then maybe i would be better at it now so wouldnt have so many stressy thoughts

99. who are your favourite people? my nephews, my mum, my siblings, suzy and jen, my mums husband, my step dad and my brother in law and my sister in law, my aunts and uncles and alllllllll my cousins 

100. Posting this as 100 truths? – yes