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Stuff ive been thinking about

So i like to think im open minded and i know i dont have fear of being different or being in the company of someone different
I see differences and i think about those differences sometimes those differences concern me
Im a white lower class childless single woman i consider myself british and a christian i have mental illness that is debilitating and im dyslexic im overweight vegetarian non-drinker non-smoker coffee drinker highly medicated and a cat owner
That pretty much describes me theres some other things i coukd say but they wouldnt make my point

I dont see myself as more important than anyone else

I do see myself as less than others ie im less important than a mother or someone with a disabling physical illness

Im not trying to make myself out to be woe is me thats not the point the point is that society makes me feel less important
I went to a majority white middle class secondary school most of my employment as been majority white middleclass i dont know many disabled people, people with different religions/culture or people from a different country

I used to have lots of gay friends but not any more not anything sinister just the way it is

When i see someone different or talk to someone who tells me their different i consider this i think about it it reminds me of my differences
I go to college im in the minority im one of the oldest students i have a mental illness and im dyslexic im different

Differences concern me because they mean too much i mean that the differences matter they effect how we are treated what is accessible they effect who we maintain relationships with
This isnt fair

I dont care what race you are whether your disabled whether your mentally ill whether your tall or short gay straight or bi whether your trans whether ypur christian or a jedi and whether you were born in britain or the middle of the pacific ocean
If your reading this your human and THAT is all that matters


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