My best friend

Its funny how as you grow up and become an adult you have so many friends that come and go. Some friends stick around for the long haul and some are just well around at the good times. I have a friend who has been around since i was 5! Suzy. Suzy who has known me and been there for me through the darkest and most horrible periods in my life and the lightest happiest moments. She moved up north 6 years ago ive missed her company everyday since. I see her at least twice a year but its not the same….. In our early 20’s we shared a flat deepening and strengthening our friendship spending time together, cooking together and clubbing together.
I dont have to explain why im a bit awkward round babies or why i hate large crowds or why i dont talk about certain things….EVER. But shes there for me she laughs with me understands my quirks and hopefully knows ill never not be there for her within my abilities.

My best friend, a childish term but no other words describe suzy.