Hand in tomorrow

So the last few weeks hae been TOUGH
Really stressful really hard and really fucking awful

Final project

Im ok with deadlines i like a challenge and you know what i live having a creative personality all should have prepared me for this last term
It didn’t

I forgot a crucial point

Im not well

I have a mental illness im on medication i have a lot of stresses in my life the biggest being my incapability to deal with stress

So ive locked down i postponed my therapy ive not organised leisure activities i have in effect isolated myself in my little flat with the cats and tv for company
Only going out for food and college
The flat got messy the washing up piled into a mountain
I gave myself lots of distractions cross stitch colouring in writing lists the usual

I hand in my final project tomorrow
Friday i shall contact my therapist the doctor and will text my friends
If the weathers nice and i dont get to bogged down with housework ill go for a walk or do the garden

Ill start living again


College final project

Here is a pic of my final project afeminist protest poster the face in the centre is david cameron
Its anti tory and pro women
A celebration that in great britain we have the right to freedom of speech and the right of protest something that even in 2013 not every country has
And not every women has liberty and these rights that in this country is something we take for granted

Theslogan at the bottom ‘how long must women wait for liberty’ was used by suffragettes a hundred years ago in britain and the US
Its still applicable dont you think
Women are still fighting for equal pay and equal rights and in some places they are still fighting for the vote and tge right to be free from harm from the tyranny of men


Old faithful

So this is a recipe for a meal for one i make often

Pasta lately ive been using spaghetti
Bacon i use quorn rashers but some streaky will do
Chopped veggies here u can be creative my basic though is onion mushrooms and a pepper i add to this garlic courgette french beans well anything i have in the fridge
Red wine or red wine vinegar
Chopped tomatoes
Oh and italian seasoning if your a herby person you coukd use fresh i use a dried mix

I chuck everything except the pasta in my kenwood food processor then put it in a frying pan on a mid heat till its cooked
Pasta is done the usyal way
Then dish up with a good handful of cheddar on top

Quick and tasty

Acrylic paint transfer

First find an image either hand drawn, printed, stamped anything you want but has to be on paper and has the image is going to be flipped lettering has to be taken into account
Heres the inage i used


Then find a surface you want you image on


A box canvas is ideal but it can be wood, fabric, plastic even a wall i used a box canvas

Cut out your image and trace the cut outline with a pencil on the surface in the place you want the image

Right this is important you need to work quickly for this next step

Paint the image and the surface with a light coloured acrylic paint i used white emulsion actually but you can use acrylic just mix with alot of white paint else you wont be able to see the image properly

Once painted stick the image face down (acrylic to acrylic) onto the surface while the paint is still very wet

Leave to dry overnight

With a piece of sandpaper lightly sand the area this helps to lift the paper

Get a tub of water and a bit of sponge and lightly soak the area and rub gently to remove the paper please be gentle else you take too much paper off

You will start to see the image
Keep going it takes time

Then once your satisfied that you can see the image let it dry

Then cover with either a pva/water mix a decoupage varnish or another clear varnish consider the surface

Oatie peanut butter cookies

Im not one for measuring so these quanties are approximate

1 cup of flour
2 cups of oats i use porridge oats
1 cup of marg or butter i use low fat marg
1/2 cup of milk i use skimmed
1 cup of sugar
3 dessert spoons of peanut butter

Chuck it all in a bowl mix well
Then spoon onto a baking tray they flatten so space well
Oven 200 on an electric oven
For 20-25 minutes or until browned

They are lush



So i cross stitch

A lot

It helps distract me from my anxieties it keeps my hands busy and gives me a massive sense of achievement

Like all things that i use for my distraction techniques i can get quite obsessive using the techniques excessively so i dont deal with any of my problems

So im imposing a stitchin ban till half term i do have some stitchin to do for college but no additional projects

Lets see how that goes