marley and cleo

hey there campers

so………i have 2 cats … of last night

they are 2 and short haired torties beautiful beautiful girls

marley is shy rarely coming out of hiding and cleo is miss confident always after snuggles and love a real tart lol

theyve been here less than a day and i already feel better in myself

less lonely excited to come home to see them buying toys reading cat books

anyhoo i need to clran litter trays lol



hey there campers

so…….. wobbles!

i guess everyone who has an illness whether physical or mental has a blip or wobble or i guess a relapse on the road to recovery

i seem to be in the throes of a particulary heinous wobble

im being as strong as i can

being me

hey there campers

ive not been well

first off i thought it was college making me tired so many new challenges
then a series of things happened in my life none of it im able to post here
then i discovered i had an infection in my wisdom teeth (all the remaining 3)
the antibiotics made me feel awful
then the gp decided to try me on metformin to try and sort my girl stuff out (ive posted before about pcos)
the tablets didnt agree with me

i wasnt feeling great anyway now i feel so poorly i can barely move im so tired i could sleep all day i keep crying im so exhausted its such an effort to get off the sofa just to go to the loo

i thought i was having a mood crash i.have them regularly it would make sense its been ages since i succumbed to physical illness like this im fibding it difficult to accept

anyhoo im shattered

Common questions

Hey there campers


How old am i? 29
Am i single? Yes
Do i live alone? Yes
Do i work? No i am a returning student
Whats my favourite colour? Red
Whats my favourite food? Pasta
Whats my favourite tv programne? The big bang theory
Whats my favourite film? Stardust and breakfast at tiffanys (i know i cheated)
My favourite band? Nirvana
My favourite song? Lady in red
My hobbies? Card craft, 3d craft, needlecraft, art and reading
My hero? My grandad
My favourite person(s)? My 2 nephews oliver and harry
Who i woukd like to be like? My mum
My style icon? Always been viven westwood
My strength? Talking
My weakness? Food
My ideal man? Strong, tall, funny and intelligent (think sheldon from.tbbt)
My best friend? Suzy been friends since we were 4/5
The funniest person i know? My brother rory
The tidiest and most organised person i know? My sister emily
Random fact? My birthday is the best day of year including christmas
Most famous person i met? I walked past david walliams and matt lucas on my way to a club half drunk and a bit lairy suffice to say i dont have their autographs
What do i want to be when i grow up? No idea just know it will be something creative
My last job? Data entry clerk on a hospital building site
Where was i born? Portsmouths st marys hospital
My worse habit? Biting my nails and rubbing my nose

Any more questions please ask!

Its been awhile

Hey there campers

So….. Ive not blogged for a few days
Ive not been well

An infection in my wisdom tooth and a change in meds

Feel out of sorts aimi.g to have a day off tough stuff on sunday to recuperate and possibly go on a little walk

Books read this week:
What katy did
What katy did at school
What katy did next
Full dark no stars